Customer Reviews


“My A exam preparation course was excellent. It covered all the material that I needed to pass the exam in a way that made it interesting to learn. I never felt overwhelmed by any of the technical material because they were presented very clearly. Felt totally prepared when the time came for me to take the essentials and Remote Support Technician exam and happy to say I passed on my first try.”
Jennifer Dean

“I needed to pass the CompTIA A+ exam quickly because I had to find a well paying IT support position. I was able to get through the course in about a month because of how well the course was designed. It was easy to move on and advance through the material. Although it took me a couple of months, I was able to get a great IT job and I know my certification was a big factor.”
Chris Bangart

“It has been a month since taking your CompTIA A+ course. It has given me the confidence I needed to not only ace all three exams, but also to answer questions about my level of expertise in interviews. There was more than one occasion when I applied the material that I learned in the course in my answers to employers. This says a lot about how well I remembered what I learned.”
Heather Volkmann

“I have passed the A exam and I am now A plus certified. This training provided professional and great quality instruction. I learned a great deal and did not feel like I was simply cramming for the exam. You guys do a great job in providing not only great teaching, but also excellent customer service.”
Timothy Carson

“There was never a moment when taking ATI educational A+ course that I felt lost, unlike my experience trying to follow training manuals and study guides. In terms of value, this course has more than paid for itself, as I am earning more money than before I got certified. My plan is to sign up to take your CCNA and MCSE courses within the next three months. I feel that the course has been influential in helping me set my career goals. Thanks!”
Guneet Nirula

“Your course was very easy to follow. Every segment was broken down in a clear and concise manner. I never had to second-guess what was being covered. It was also a relief having up-to-date material. Would definitely recommend to anyone needing to pass their CompTIA A+ exam.”
Sabrina Covine

“To be honest I have always preferred instructor led classes. However, after hearing about your A+ certification course from a friend I decided to give it a try. The course was more thorough and well designed than I thought an online class could be. I was able to pass my exams with very high scores by only using this training, thank you.”
Craig Boone

“What separates your course from other ones I have taken is the large number of sample questions in your database. I made good use of them, going through them all, until I mastered the material. They were very close to the actual exam questions also.”
Jodi Feeney

“I had been working for two years and did not think that I needed to study for the A+ exam. When I failed on my first try, I researched my options and came across your prep course. I was not sure how useful the course would be for me, but it gave me everything that I needed. The technical knowledge was excellent, giving me much more than basics. I’ve since passed two exams.”
Denny Mauhl

“I was completely satisfied by the quality of your course. Feel that it did a great job in providing both the exam material but also real life situations that I have since encountered on the job. I was impressed with the level of detail that I was able to cover on my own.”
Vishnu Pryiomka

“Last week I passed my CompTIA A+ and got a 93% passing score. I want to say that your course truly helped me prepare for the exam. Everything that came up on the exam, was covered at some point in the content of the course. I did not know how prepared I was and certainly did not expect to get such a high score. I have your course to thank!”
Pankaj Chandok

“Great course. I would recommend this A+ training program to anyone who wants to be in control of their learning. The level of detail and explanations were right on and well paced for people studying on their own. Thank you for a great quality course.”
Dominic Colby

“I am glad I chose ATIs CompTIA A+ course. At first I was just going to use a couple of books. For me the materials and demonstrations on the program were much more detailed and clearer than any of the study guides I came across. I was able to learn what I needed in a shorter amount of time. Within two months of study, I passed my exam.”
Elizabeth Hougesen

“I got everything I needed from the A+ course to successfully pass the A essentials what I choose to take on the first try. So I want to say thank you. The course not only prepared me for the exam, but has also given me the confidence I needed when I first started as a support technician.”
Peter Meraz

“I liked the comprehensiveness and unique features in the training aspect of your A+ training course. Unlike other classes I have taken, this program did not feel like it was only textbook driven. The materials had a realistic and real world approach and yet they were also professional. I feel I got a top-rate education, but without spending a lot of money. I passed the Exam this week and wanted to say thanks a lot. I would recommend anyone thinking of taking this exam choose you.”
Lisa Smoley

“In a tough economic climate, I knew that I needed to get my A+ certification. After being downsized, I took the time to take the training course and worked through it solidly for about five weeks. It was a lifesaver, as I was able to tell employers in my interviews that I was taking the course and would soon have a certificate. As soon as I passed the Technician exam, it did not take me very long to get a job.”
James Behrens

“Explaining how to repair a computer is not easy. I have had more than my share of frustration with some A+ study guides. I learned so much about repairing a computer in my CompTIA A+ course than I have ever learned from manuals. I have to let you know that since passing the exam I still find the materials useful on the job.”
Teresa Ellner

“Through your training method I was able to grasp things much more quickly than simply using an exam book full of exercises. The presentations, demonstrations, and practice exercises were fantastic. On my second try for the A+ IT Technician Exam I passed with a much higher score. Thanks!”
Tanisha Hyde


"This training was very effective in helping me study for and pass the essentials exam. I am thankful for such a all inclusive, affordable course."
Rodney Broetje

"I have passed both my technician exams, The questions and simulator were so helpful in practicing and mastering the material."
Ryan Caroll

"If you are considering taking a boot camp type experience training for study, I would recommend you try this home study prep first. I found the training easy to understand and the content was exactly that as on compTIAs exam I sat for."
Tomek Miriam

"I like the way the material was presented. The video system used to study and the exam simulator was neat also. Overall, very good. I was able to pass the exam on my first attempt."
Justin Gleason

"Just passed both my CompTIA A+ exams. My only preparing tool was your CompTIA A+ Home study course. I prepared for 2 weeks, going through all the material, learning and then I chipped away at all the practice problems, drilling myself about every 2 days, then I found myself well prepared for both exams."
Steven DiPietra

"I tried to take the exam using only books and I did not pass. I wanted to try more, especially a lot of practice problems. It also helps to do the exercises on the computer screen, on an actual computer while its playing. That really helped. "
Ernest Rawleigh

"This program was very helpful to me the way the questions present different scenarios and situations, these type of questions were on the actual exam, the exam simulator disc alone was priceless."
Nicholas Sander

"I recommend going through the entire training program and practicing each question once and then again taking detailed notes on things that are unfamiliar to you. I spent maybe a couple of weeks studying. I started off without extensive knowledge of hardware and software but in the end the test was a piece of cake."
Adam Bilyeu

"Good, a program that manges to present such technical and confusing material in an easy to understand format. Grateful for this."
Andrew Kun


 “I’ve been under a lot of stress lately. I work for the government, and there’s a huge push to make sure everybody that needs to be certified is certified by a certain date. I didn’t know what I was going to do. Lucky for me, I found your software. This training was far superior to the practice questions that I had to work from, and I passed both exams, first time go”
Raymond Flashinski

“I was tired of my job. I love computers, but I couldn’t find work in the field because I didn’t have my A+ certification, so I was stuck assisting other people, while they were doing the job that I loved. Thanks to you, not only do I have my certification, but I have the confidence to take on the most challenging positions. If any of you ever get on towards Florida, I’ll buy you a drink!”
Sara Nicolaisen

“Computers are a little bit of a passion of mine, but I never had much time to study for my A+, since I was working full time and trying to spend some time with my family. This software allowed me to study at my own pace, on my own schedule, and now I feel like I’m ready to take the exams. Wish me luck!”
Paul Hirshfeld

“Good product, strong customer support. I picked it up as a supplement to my class, and it’s giving me the edge I need.”
Nicolo Youngquist

“In my line of work, I have to re-certify every time they come out with a new edition of the A+ exam. But, since I’m already employed, I just don’t have the time to devote to studying. The ATI practice exam engine allows me to study at my desk at my own pace, keeping my skills and my certification current.”
Spencer Kailing

“I want to thank you for putting this software together. My husband has been in line for a promotion at work, and he believes that having his A+ will make him stand out. While he’s taking the exam next week, he feels ready to go after using your software. “
Shabbir Agihili-Kermani

“The best endorsement that I can give for this software is that I passed my A+ Certification, first time! The only study guide that I used was this software, and I felt well prepared because of it. The CDs were very helpful, and includes plenty of information that’s specific to the exams. If you take your time, and study the material, you’ll be well prepared.”
Wellington Pesce

Pass The CompTIA A+ Exam On Your First Try Guaranteed!

Instruction and Questions Cover 220-701 and 220-702

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100% Money Back Guarantee. Pass the test or 100% of your money back.


If you do not pass using our system, you may return the program for your money back within 60 days of your test date.


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Comptia A+ Certification is the standard for measuring a technician’s or customer support
professional's computer hardware and software knowledge. Recommended for Entry level computer
technicians with 500 hours of hands on experience working with personal computers. Prepare for
the 220-701 for CompTIA A+ Essentials and 220-702 for CompTIA A+ Practical Application Exams with our all in one video training program. The program follows CompTIA's up to date (updated 2012) course objectives.

Expert led instruction covers only exactly what you need to know to pass the exam including:









Performing Preventive Maintenance

of basic personal computer hardware and operating systems.

Course training teaches installation, configuration, removal, upgrading and troubleshooting of
computer components including ; storage devices, motherboards and devices. Laptop component
management, printer management, troubleshooting, component connections, networking, operating
system starting, operating and functions. Computer security issues and solutions, communication
and professionalism.

Basic Course Breakdown:

                      PC Components


                      Operating System Start up



                      Security and Safety

                     Communication and Professionalism

Detailed Course Breakdown:

         Motherboard manufactures, form factors, features, connections, connection types, support components, slots, chipsets, cards , differences between boards and more.

         CMOS usage , details and more.

         BIOS Chip configuration, process,  use and more.

         Power supply details.

         CPU types, fan details, memory usage, processor usage, voltage , detailed training and more.

         Bus, Byte, Bit and more.

         Dual in-line, Dynamic random access memory , File Allocation Table ,  Virtual memory , SO DIMM , read only memory, Rambus in-line memory module and Hard disk Drives Details including PIN arrays, Dynamic Volumes , parity, function in the computer, bit paths, motherboard support, how each works and more.

         IDE, Enhanced IDE, Serial ATA, SCSI detailed Training.

         RAID Training

         Configuring inputs and outputs, Troubleshooting PC devices and operational errors in various situations.

         Removable Storage details, installation, configuration, removal and troubleshooting.

         Video / Monitors types, adjustment, inputs, how they work, installation, configuration, removal and troubleshooting.

         Laptop Display, power, uniqueness, power states, processor states, device states, solving problems.

         Operating Systems, detailed navigation, start up sequence.

         Utilities: Backing up data ( command line and windows ), Maintenance, Performance and maintenance , services, making adjustments, control panel, explorer, taskbar, Navigating through files/folders, disk cleanup/disc management, remote assistance , shortcuts, remote desktop, device manager and more.

         Operating System installation, optimization and upgrades.

         Operating System problem diagnosis and solutions.

         command prompt functions and commands.

         How to install, configure and replace a motherboard, SCSI device, hard drive, CPU, RAM, Cooling system, power supply, BUS and external devices.

         Add, remove, configure, troubleshoot and perform preventative maintenance on adaptor cards, CPU, memory, hard drives, motherboards, power supplies, and other PC components.

         Printers : Types, How each type works, Diagnosis and solution to problems, scanners, printer/scanner installation and configuration.

         Networks : Connection types, LAN, WAN, IP Classes, details of Network topologies , OSI models, Protocol addressing , TCP/IP configuration.

         Twisted Pair, wireless, fiber optic Cables.

         Connectivity devices, network communication, proxy servers , Router configuration , network connectivity, dial up/DSL/Satellites/Wireless details and troubleshooting.

         Security : Authentications, Audit Policy, Tokens , smart cards, ways people can attack or attempt to gain access to system, Firewalls, Wireless security , Windows Security, Work safety hazards and solutions, system cleaning and maintenance and Working with customers.

AND A LOT MORE ( 4 Hours total, Fluff-Free Training )



220-701 for CompTIA A+ Essentials
1.0 Hardware 27%
2.0 Troubleshooting, Repair & Maintenance 20%
3.0 Operating System and Software 20%
4.0 Networking 15%
5.0 Security 8%
6.0 Operational Procedure 10%
Total 100%

220-702 for CompTIA A+ Practical Application
1.0 Hardware 38%
2.0 Operating Systems 34%
3.0 Networking 15%
4.0 Security 13%
Total 100%



4 Hours of Video Training On 4 CDROMS + 3,500 Practice Questions in one Simulation Software


    Learn Fast and efficiently through complete Integration of words, Video, Audio and slides in
one self contained, self paced learning system. Each CDROM is a different module: Computer
Hardware, Printers and upgrades, Operating Systems, networks, security and connections. View
whichever you want, whenever you want until you've mastered that topic.

    Pause, Skip, Rewind, Save and Search Through the Text, Audio and Slides with ease. Saving
valuable time and study effort. Program can save your place so you can continue from the same
exact spot you left off hours, days or weeks later.

    Fluff-free presentation covering only the essential "need to know" information that will be on
the exam. We do not teach you how to fill out the CompTIA A+ exam application like other

    Search Feature simply type in and find any term, definition and explanation within the program
and skip forward or backward to that area. Reinforce complex terms and save time.

    Our video course is not just a recording of a live training seminar. Our Program is recorded
in a professional studio. Provides the experience of direct 1 on 1 training, free from outside
noise, distractions and audience disturbances.


    No long winded Stories, No Going off on tangents, No “I'm so great” Introductions, no personal references, No fluff, No extraneous examples to fill time, No repetitive information, No "time wasting" Activities, Pure info on terms, walkthroughs and need to know points.

    Each video has been meticulously edited to make sure nothing is repeated twice in the presentation and even edited so no more than 3 seconds of recording time is wasted with silence. The instructor even makes sure he does not say umm or give long pauses.


    Speaker speaks plain, clear English, no accent, annunciates words and explains jargon. 

    This CompTIA certification course does not contain any "pitches" for other products and services!
This course does not contain any Jokes, this is serious stuff!
This CompTIA certification course does not contain obvious information!

    No internet connection required for use. Our software can be installed on as many computers as
you wish. It never expires or becomes limited for any reason. Beware of programs with fine
print license agreements in which programs or questions expire after a few months.

    Our program is direct and to the point of what you need to know for the exam. Save time and
maximize your study efforts.

    Our course does not contain "general" test study tips, training on how to fill out the test
application, training on basic computer functions or anything unrelated directly to what you
need to know for the exam.

    Tuition Reimbursement. Many technicians will be eligible to apply for employer tuition
reimbursement. Your employer may pay for this training material and your fee to take the
exam. And/or your investment in your education may be tax deductible.



Similar Programs Cost =

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$895.00 for 2 Hour Video, No questions Included.
$139.00 for Single Practice Exam download.
$189.00 for 3 220-701 Practice Exams.
$595.00 for All in one video, no practice Questions.
$249.00 Per Video (220-701,220-702).
$1995.00 5 Day Boot camp.
$529.95 220-701 only prep & Diagnostic Course, no questions.
$645.00 For all in one Videos, no questions included.
$484.00 For all in one Videos and 1 practice question set.



Compatible with Windows PC's Only. Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7

Now Back In Stock!

Not Compatible with MAC.


Course includes 4 Hours of instruction on 4 CDROMS + The Exam Simulator (3,500 Questions) CDROM total of 5 Discs

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